Getting Your Website Found in a Forest of Competition is What We Do

We have helped online businesses with 10 page websites to websites with 100,000's of pages significantly increase organic traffic, leading to increased sales.

Basic Website SEO Assessment

Once we understand the basics of your business we will analyze your website URL's, webpage content, sitemap and analytics.  We will then provide our findings in a report detailing specific actions you can take to improve your website for organic search engine traffic.  Understanding your website's SEO shortcomings then implementing our recommendations can lead to significant increases in your website traffic.  This is a great low-cost option to get feedback on how well your site is optimized to drive organic traffic.  Our basic website SEO assessment for websites with 50 pages or less starts at $300. Contact us at the link below if you have any questions.  Please include your website URL.

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Independent E-Commerce Assessment

At times larger businesses want an outside independent organization to perform a deep dive into their e-commerce website for best practices and search engine optimization.  This is especially true when a business aquires another business.  Garner Systems will analyze your website and provide reports on what is done well and what areas need improvement.  We will provide actionable details for your team to review and implement.  We will also work with them through the process and re-analyze if desired.  Contact us at the link below if you have any questions concerning our Independent E-Commerce Assessment service. Please include your website URL.

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Colabrative SEO Monitoring and Reporting

We will partner with your company to improve your website and e-commerce process improve conversion, drive more organic traffic and increase revenue.  We will work with your e-commerce contact to understand your products, objectives and priorities.  Next, we will analyze your website and provide detailed actionable feedback for your team to implement starting with issues that make the greatest impact on SEO.  As part of the ongoing effort we will re-analyize the website and continue to work with your contact to improve SEO starting with low hanging fruit and then into more advanced efforts.  Contact us at the link below if you are interested in having us work with your team to increase traffic and revenue. Please include your website URL. 

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