About Garner Systems

Mike Garner is the owner of Garner Systems.  He has more than 20 years of experience in the e-commerce field much of it focusing on the automotive aftermarket.  He and his team have built custom e-commerce platforms and obsessively optimized them for SEO and conversion.  He has optimized major brand websites for increased organic traffic and revenue.  These websites have ranged from hundreds of URL's to hundreds of thousands of URL's.  

Often companies invest in great looking websites but those that created them don't understand the details of search engine optimization.  Getting search engine relevance and traffic is they key to driving revenue and ranking better than the competition.  For a relatively small investment we can analyze your website and provide you with confidence you are on the right track,  Our reports provide you with actionable list of actions to optimize your website for better search engine ranking on terms that matter most to your business.